After purchasing my 2017 BRZ I was in-love. And when you're in-love you can often look past imperfections. But there was one thing about my BRZ that no matter how much I tried to ignore, looked off. And that was the rear spoiler.

I spoke with a few people. "I really like this wing. But it's way too low". A friend suggested 3D printing. I've only done digital designs, nothing involved with 3D printing or even 3D modeling. So I teamed up with a great firm in London who helped bring this idea to life.

And I was so happy with how it looked. I posted the weekly progress here and got great feedback. Something that I just really wanted for myself seemed like something others wanted as well.

And here we are today. I'm incredibly thrilled with the response and feedback from the community, which is beyond anything I could have imagined for such a niche little sports car. After all the hard work, the risers are finally available for the community!

Be sure to pick up a pair of risers, let me know how you like em, and tag @drambeenie on Instagram so I can see where in the world these risers end up!

All the best,
Stephen aka Drambeenie